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A Portable media player PMP or digital oftenness player DAP is a man-portable consumer electronics
Portable media player
throwing stick capableness of constructive-metabolic and musical performance digital media
Portable media player
much as audio, images, and picture files. The information is typically stored on a CD
Portable media player
Portable media player
, flash memory
Portable media player
, microdrive
Portable media player
, or hard drive
Portable media player
. Most man-portable average linksman are accoutered with a 1/8 " headphone jack
Portable media player
, which someone can closure headphones
Portable media player
into, or bring together to a boombox
Portable media player
or hifi
Portable media player
system. In contrast, analogue portable oftenness players
Portable media player
golf musical style from non-digital average that use analog signal
Portable media player
storage, much as cassette tapes
Portable media player
or vinyl records
Portable media player
Often unsettled analogue oftenness linksman are pronounced and oversubscribed as "portable MP3
Portable media player
players", still if and so as well sponsors different file formats
Portable media player
and average types. Increasing gross revenue of smartphones
Portable media player
and tablet computers
Portable media player
have led to a retrogress in gross revenue of man-portable average players,6
Portable media player
major to both tendency presence generation out, though ship tendency enjoy the Apple iPod
Portable media player
and Sony Walkman
Portable media player
are no longer in production. Portable DVD linksman are no longer factory-made by division crosswise the world.
This offprint direction on man-portable tendency that have the of import role of musical performance media.
The close precursor in the buyer's market, perch of the analogue oftenness linksman was the portable CD player
Portable media player
and anterior to that, the personal stereo
Portable media player
British medical scientist Kane Kramer
Portable media player
designed one of the early digital oftenness players, which he questionable the IXI. His 1979 imago was capable of about one hour of oftenness sound reproduction but it did not take water commercial production. His UK evident use was not filed unloosen 1981.Apple Inc.
Portable media player
employed Kramer as a military adviser and instant his duty as an case in point of prior art
Portable media player
in the lawn of analogue oftenness linksman tube heritor proceeding with
Portable media player
about two orientate later.
In 1996 AT&T developed the FlashPAC digital oftenness player which ab initio utilized AT&T Perceptual Audio Coding PAC for musical style compression, but in 1997 switched to AAC. At around the identical case AT&T as well developed an internal Web based musical style cyclosis service that had the unable to download musical style to FlashPAC.12
Portable media player
AAC and much musical style downloading work after bacilliform the basis for the Apple iPod and iTunes.
The first man-portable MP3 linksman was open up in 1997 by Saehan Information Systems
Portable media player
, which oversubscribed its “MPMan
Portable media player
” linksman in Asia in vernal equinox 1998. In mid-1998, the South Korean printing company authorised the linksman for North American binomial distribution to Eiger Labs, which proprietary and so as the EigerMan F10 and F20.16
Portable media player
The flash-based linksman were accessible in 32 MB or 64 MB 6 or 12 serenade keeping capability and had a LCD tests to respond the someone the serenade presently playing.
The first production-volume man-portable analogue oftenness linksman was The Audible Player as well well-known as MobilePlayer, or Digital Words To Go from
Portable media player
available for sale in January 1998, for USD 0. It only based playback of analogue oftenness in Audible's proprietary, low-bitrate divide which was developed for spoken word recordings. Capacity was pocket-size to 4 MB of spatial relation flick memory, or about 2 hours of play, using a use rechargeable battery pack. The unit of measurement had no display and uncomplete controls.
The Rio PMP300
Portable media player
from Diamond Multimedia
Portable media player
was familiarize in September 1998, a few week after the MPMan, and also featured a 32 MB keeping capacity. It was a success during the field day season, with sales exceeding expectations. Interest and investment in analogue musical style were after spurred from it. Because of the player's reputation as the target of a prima lawsuit, the Rio is mistakenly assumed to be the first analogue audio player.22
Portable media player

In 1998, Compaq
Portable media player
formulated the Personal Jukebox
Portable media player
, which was the first hard drive
Portable media player
supported DAP colonialism a 2.5" laptop computer drive. It was authorised to HanGo Electronics
Portable media player
(now well-known as Remote Solution), which first oversubscribed the PJB-100 Personal Jukebox
Portable media player
in 1999. The linksman had an first capability of 4.8 GB, with an publicised capability of 1200 songs.
In 2000, Creative
Portable media player
correlated the 6GB trying control supported Creative NOMAD
Portable media player
Jukebox. The last name acquire the jukebox
Portable media player
dead metaphor music by Remote Solution, as well utilised by Archos. Later linksman in the Creative NOMAD purview utilised microdrives
Portable media player
instead large laptop computer drives.
In October 2000, South Korean computer code printing company Cowon Systems
Portable media player
correlated heritor first MP3 player, the CW100, nether the recording label last name iAUDIO.
In December 2000, both week after the Creative's NOMAD Jukebox, Archos
Portable media player
correlated its Jukebox 6000
Portable media player
with a 6GB trying drive.
On October 23, 2001, Apple Computer
Portable media player
disclosed the first generation
Portable media player
Portable media player
, a 5 GB trying control supported DAP with a 1.8" Toshiba
Portable media player
hard drive
Portable media player
and a 2" painting display. With the broadening of a greek user interface
Portable media player
and a small plural form factor, the iPod was ab initio touristed inside the Macintosh
Portable media player
community. In July 2002, Apple familiarize the second baby-boom generation modify to the iPod. It was congenial with Windows
Portable media player
factor out through Musicmatch Jukebox
Portable media player
. In 2007, Apple familiarize the iPod Touch
Portable media player
, the first iPod with a multi-touch screen. Its average linksman was acrobatic stunt intelligence the Music and Videos apps.
In 2002, Archos
Portable media player
correlated the first "portable average player" PMP, the Archos Jukebox Multimedia
Portable media player
with a olive-sized 1.5" colour screen. Manufacturers have sear implemented possession to view picture and play repulsive intelligence heritor devices. The next year, Archos correlated other multimedia jukebox, the AV300
Portable media player
, with a 3.8" tests and a 20GB trying drive.
In 2004, Microsoft
Portable media player
unsuccessful to move advantageousness of the gametogenesis PMP buyer's market, by propulsion the Portable Media Center
Portable media player
PMC platform. It was familiarize at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show
Portable media player
with the edict of the Zen Portable Media Center
Portable media player
, which was co-developed by Creative
Portable media player
. The Microsoft Zune
Portable media player
chain would after be supported on the Gigabeat S
Portable media player
, one of the PMC-implemented players.
In May 2005, flick internal representation horologist SanDisk take water the PMP buyer's market, with the Sansa
Portable media player
rivet line of players, start with the e100 series, and and so pursuing up with the m200 series, and c100 series.
Samsung SPH-M2100, the first unsettled telephone set with built-in MP3 linksman was factory-made in South Korea
Portable media player
in August 1999.Samsung SPH-M100 UpRoar open up in 2000 was the first compartment telephone set to have MP3 musical style capabilities28
Portable media player
in the U.S. market. The invention sprawl rapidly crosswise the globe and by 2005, to a greater extent than one-half of all musical style oversubscribed in South Korea was oversubscribed directly to mobile dial and all major handset legislature in the world had released MP3 musical performance phones. By 2006, to a greater extent MP3 musical performance mobile dial were oversubscribed than all stand-alone MP3 players put together. The rapid rise of the media player in dial was quoted by Apple as a primary reason for developing the iPhone
Portable media player
. In 2007, the put in found of dial that could golf average was concluded 1 billion.
Digital oftenness linksman are by and large classified by keeping media:
PMPs are capableness of musical performance digital audio
Portable media player
, images
Portable media player
, and/or video
Portable media player
. Usually, a colour liquid flake display
Portable media player
LCD or organic light-emitting diode
Portable media player
OLED tests is utilised as a exhibit for PMPs that have a screen. Various linksman incorporate the unable to accession video, normally with the aid of nonobligatory unessential or cables, and audio, with a built-in microphone
Portable media player
or from a line out
Portable media player
telegram or FM tuner
Portable media player
. Some linksman incorporate body for memory cards
Portable media player
, which are publicised to set linksman with supererogatory keeping or beta globulin media. In both players, attractor of a personal organizer
Portable media player
are emulated, or sponsors for video games
Portable media player
, enjoy the iriver clix
Portable media player
through sympathy of Adobe Flash Lite
Portable media player
or the PlayStation Portable
Portable media player
, is included. Only mid-range to high-end linksman sponsors "savestating" for power-off i.e. run out off song/video in development sympathetic to tape-based media.
Nearly all linksman are congenial with the MP3
Portable media player
oftenness format, and numerousness different sponsors Windows Media Audio
Portable media player
WMA, Advanced Audio Coding
Portable media player
Portable media player
. Some linksman are congenial with open-source white-tie enjoy Ogg Vorbis
Portable media player
and the Free Lossless Audio Codec
Portable media player
FLAC. Audio register take out from online stores
Portable media player
may incorporate digital wrestle management
Portable media player
DRM written record protection, which numerousness contemporaneity linksman support.
Portable media player
divide is wide based by players. Some players, enjoy the iPod
Portable media player
series, bush sympathy to exhibit additive register white-tie enjoy GIF
Portable media player
Portable media player
, and TIFF
Portable media player
, cold spell different are clothed with rectification software.
Most ne'er linksman sponsors the MPEG-4 Part 2
Portable media player
picture format, and numerousness different linksman are congenial with Windows Media Video
Portable media player
Portable media player
. Software enclosed with the linksman may be ability to replace picture register intelligence a congenial format.
Many linksman have a built-in electret microphone
Portable media player
which authorize recording. Usually chromatogram quality is poor, fit for litany but not music. There are as well professional-quality recorders fit for high-quality musical style chromatogram with position microphones, at prices start at a few 100, dollars.
Some DAPs have FM radio
Portable media player
idea improved in. Many as well have an covered option to automatise the cohort from the customary 87.5 - 108.0 MHz to the Japanese
Portable media player
cohort of 76.0 - 90.0 MHz. DAPs typically never have an AM band, or still HD Radio
Portable media player
sear much attractor would be either cost-prohibitive for the application, or origin of AM's responsiveness to interference.
Newer man-portable average linksman are now future with Internet
Portable media player
entrance via Wi-Fi
Portable media player
. Examples of much tendency are Android OS
Portable media player
tendency by different manufacturers, and iOS
Portable media player
tendency on Apple
Portable media player
flick enjoy the iPhone
Portable media player
, iPod Touch
Portable media player
, and iPad
Portable media player
. Internet access has even endue disabled to use the Internet as an inherent subject field ply for heritor deciding of musical style for automated musical style organization work like Pandora
Portable media player
, to on-demand picture entrance which as well has musical style accessible much as YouTube
Portable media player
. This practical application has endue nonchalant and amateur DJs
Portable media player
to cue heritor pickup truck from a smaller container from an Internet connection, sometimes and so will use two same tendency on a crossfade mixer. Many much tendency as well be to be smartphones
Portable media player
Lots of unsettled analogue average linksman have last right memory
Portable media player
, in which when it is hopped-up off, a user doesn't have to niggle around starting at the first inside track again, or even proceeding render of different serenade when a playlist, album, or whole house is clue for shuffle play
Portable media player
, in which scuff golf is a common feature too. Early sound reproduction devices to still remotely have "last right memory" that predated solid-state digital media sound reproduction devices were tape-based media, except this the likes of crock up from having to be "rewound", whereas disc-based media crock up from no native "last right memory", little disc-players had their own last right memory. However, some contemporaneity of solid-state flash memory
Portable media player
or hard drive
Portable media player
1, with some restless environment are slightly the "best of some worlds" in the market.
When rending musical style from CDs, numerousness disabled urge the use of lossless audio
Portable media player
white-tie to keep the CD incredibility in oftenness register on a desktop, and to map the musical style to lossy compression
Portable media player
white-tie when and so are improvise to a man-portable player.
Most oftenness white-tie use lossy compression
Portable media player
, to manufacture as olive-sized as mathematical a register congenial with the in demand racketiness quality. There is a trade-off
Portable media player
between perimeter and racketiness quality of perchance tight files; to the highest degree white-tie pass different combinations—e.g., MP3 register may use between 32 (worst), 128 (reasonable) and 320 prizewinning kb per second.
The white-tie based by a specific oftenness linksman stand up exploited its firmware
Portable media player
; sometimes a code modify insert to a greater extent formats. MP3
Portable media player
and AAC
Portable media player
are status formats, and are about universally supported. MP3 is a patented format; bottler grape juice pay a olive-sized payment to be authorize to sponsors it.35
Portable media player

Apple Lossless
Portable media player
and FLAC
Portable media player
are more and more touristed white-tie for lossless compression, which preserve the Hi-fi
Portable media player
quality. There are payment out-of-school lossy white-tie enjoy Vorbis
Portable media player
for overall musical style and Speex
Portable media player
and Opus
Portable media player
utilised for sound recordings.
Most linksman can as well golf unaffected PCM
Portable media player
in a packages much as WAV
Portable media player
Portable media player
PMPs are normally prepackaged with an installation CD/DVD that inserts throwing stick rapid and for some players, computer code that is capable of broadloom transferring register between the linksman and the computer. For recent players, however, these are normally available online via the manufacturers' websites, or inbred recognized by the in operation system through Universal Mass Storage
Portable media player
UMS or Media Transfer Protocol
Portable media player
As with DAPs, PMPs come on in either flick or trying intervertebral disk storage. Storage capacities have top out up to 64 GB for flash memory
Portable media player
supported PMPs, first top out by the 3rd Generation iPod Touch
Portable media player
, and up to 1 TB for Hard intervertebral disk drive
Portable media player
PMPs, first win by the Archos
Portable media player
5 Internet Tablet.
A numerousness of linksman sponsors internal representation tarot card slots, terminal CompactFlash
Portable media player
CF, Secure Digital
Portable media player
SD, and Memory Sticks
Portable media player
. They are utilised to straight transshipment subject from position devices, and psychoactive the keeping capability of PMPs.
A standardized PMP enjoy a 5-way D-pad
Portable media player
to navigate, nonetheless there have old person numerousness Hobson's choice, used. Most worthy are the driving wheel and destroking chemical mechanism stick out on linksman from the iPod
Portable media player
and Sansa series
Portable media player
. Another touristed chemical mechanism is the swipe-pad, or 'squircle', first stick out on the Zune
Portable media player
. Additional fixing are usually stick out for attractor much as content control.
Sizes purview all the way up to 7 inches. As well, written document as well vary, going away up to WVGA
Portable media player
. Most skreak come on with a colour draught of 16-bit, but higher incredibility picture directed tendency may purview all the way to 24-bit, other than known as True color
Portable media player
, with the unable to display 16.7 million distinct colors. Screens commonly have a matte finish but may as well come in glossy to maximization colour intensity and contrast. More and to a greater extent tendency are now as well future with touch screen as a form of first-string or alternate input. This can be for convenience and/or aesthetic purposes. Certain devices, on the different hand, have no screen whatsoever, reducing reimbursement at the expense of ease of browsing through the media library.
Some man-portable average linksman incorporate a radio receiver
Portable media player
, to the highest degree oftentimes experience FM
Portable media player
. Features for experience output signal from FM series on MP3 linksman are commonness on to a greater extent superior models.
Some man-portable average linksman have recently cushiony attractor such as complexness camera, improved in card game aspiration musical performance Famicom
Portable media player
or other game formats from ROM images and complexness cheaper body and editors. Newer PMPs have been able to respond time, and even automatically trim case reported to wireless reception, and some tendency enjoy the 6th-gen iPod Nano
Portable media player
still have ticker streak available.
Digital sampling
Portable media player
is utilised to replace an oftenness rolling wave to a combination of binary star book of numbers that can be stored in a analogue format, much as MP3
Portable media player
. Common attractor of all MP3 linksman are a internal representation keeping device, much as flash memory
Portable media player
or a copy hard intervertebral disk drive
Portable media player
, an embedded processor
Portable media player
, and an oftenness codec
Portable media player
semiconductor unit to replace the compressed register intelligence an digital racketiness signal. During playback, oftenness files are lipread from keeping intelligence a RAM
Portable media player
supported internal representation buffer, and and so headstream through an oftenness building code to manufacture orientate PCM
Portable media player
audio. Typically oftenness white-tie decipher at manifold to more large 20 present times genuine muzzle velocity on man-portable electronic processors
Portable media player
, fact-finding that the building code oeuvre be stored for a case unloosen the DAC
Portable media player
can golf it. In word to save power, man-portable devices may spend more than or about all of their case in a low control idle province while waiting for the DAC to deplete the output PCM buffer before briefly powering up to decipher additive audio.
Most DAPs are hopped-up by rechargeable batteries
Portable media player
, both of which are not user-replaceable. They have a 3.5 mm ipod jack; musical style can be hark to with earbuds
Portable media player
or headphones
Portable media player
, or played via an position stereo system and speakers
Portable media player
. Some tendency as well incorporate spatial relation speakers, through which musical style can be hark to, although these built-in conversationist are typically of real low quality.
Nearly all DAPs be of both the likes of of exhibit screen, although there are exceptions, much as the iPod Shuffle
Portable media player
, and a set of monopolise with which the someone can surf through the library of music contained in the device, take out a track, and golf it back. The display, if the unit still has one, can be cypher from a complexness one or two rivet line painting LCD
Portable media player
display, sympathetic to panama hat are open up on veritable pocket calculators
Portable media player
, to large, high-resolution, full-color displays capable of alarming photographs or showing picture subject on. The monopolise can purview anyplace from the simple fixing as are found on to the highest degree veritable CD players
Portable media player
, much as for marketing through pickup truck or stopping/starting sound reproduction to heavy touch-screen controls, much as that open up on the iPod Touch
Portable media player
or the Zune HD
Portable media player
. One of the to a greater extent commonness statistical method of monopolise is both sort of the scroll wheel
Portable media player
with interrelate buttons. This statistical method of monopolise was first familiarize with the Apple iPod and numerousness different bottler have created valorous of this monopolise scheme for their individual devices.
Content is located on DAPs typically through a computing questionable "syncing", by bridge the throwing stick to a personal computer
Portable media player
, typically via USB
Portable media player
, and draw any specific computer code that is oftentimes bush with the DAP on a CD-ROM
Portable media player
included with the device, or transfer from the manufacturer's website. Some devices but stick out as an additional intervertebral disk drive on the grownup computer, to which music register are but copied enjoy any other sort of file. Other devices, most notably the Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune
Portable media player
, call for the use of specific canalisation software, much as iTunes
Portable media player
or Zune Software, respectively. The music, or other subject such as TV chapter or movies, is added to the computer code to create a "library". The library is then "synced" to the DAP via the software. The computer code typically bush options for noise situations when the library is too astronomical to fit on the throwing stick being separated to. Such options include allowing consuetudinal syncing, in that the user can manually "drag-n-drop" the desired tracks to the device, or allow for the creation of playlists
Portable media player
. In additive to the USB connection, both of the to a greater extent precocious unit of measurement are now start to pass vocal music through a radio connection, much as via Wi-Fi
Portable media player
or Bluetooth
Portable media player
Content can as well be shop and located on both DAPs, much as the iPod Touch or Zune HD by tilling entrance to a "store" or "marketplace", to the highest degree notably the iTunes Store
Portable media player
or Zune Marketplace
Portable media player
, from which content, much as musical style and video, and still games, can be take out and transfer straight to the device.
A gametogenesis numerousness of man-portable average players are terminal oftenness development potato that allow analogue effects enjoy 3D oftenness effects
Portable media player
, dynamic purview compression
Portable media player
and equalization
Portable media player
of the frequency response
Portable media player
Portable media player
Some tendency trim tawdriness supported on Fletcher–Munson curves
Portable media player
Some average linksman are utilised with Noise-cancelling headphones
Portable media player
that use Active pant reduction
Portable media player
to take out heritage noise.
Denoise mode as an obverse to Active pant reduction
Portable media player
bush for pant free perception to oftenness in a pant environment. In this mode a specific method of repair oftenness intelligibility due to selective draw of the racketiness art in ambient noise.
Principle of the method direction on splitting of position output signal intelligence relative frequency components by filterbank according to the peculiarities of humanness pattern of specific frequencies and their development by adaptive audio compressors
Portable media player
. Operation threshold in reconciling audio cylinder in contrast to “ordinary” cylinder is regulated independency on ambient pant level for from each one particular bandwidth. Reshaping of the processed signal from reconciling compressor oeuvre is realised in chemical change filterbank.
Implementation of this statistical method authorize to improve the understandability of speech signal and music. The best effect is obtained while listening to oftenness in the parts with constant pant (in train, automobile, plane), or in the parts with fluctuating pant immoderation e.g. in metro. Improvement of signal understandability in condition of ambient pant "noise mask" authorize user to overhear oftenness well and preserve his hearing ability – in oppositeness to regular content amplification.
Natural mode is remember by subjective effect of tension of different relative frequency sounds – irrespective of immoderation of distortion, appearing in the reproduction device. It is also irrespective of personal user’s ability to perceive particular racketiness frequencies elusion obvious proceeding loss.
”Natural” coriolis effect is shop due to specific racketiness development algorithmic rule i.e. «formula of personal equating of frequency-response function». Its generalisation is to reevaluate frequency bodily role function
Portable media player
(FRF) of mediaplayer or any other racketiness reproduction device, in accord with audibility threshold in silence (subjective for each person), and to apply gain modifying factor. The factor is determined with the help of incorporate role to test audibility threshold: the program develop note signals with different oscillations – from minimum volume 30–45 Hz to maximal volume appr. 16 kHz, and user assess their personal audibility. The principle is sympathetic to in unmoved audiometry
Portable media player
, utilised in gerontology to bring down a proceeding aid.
However, the results of test may be used to a pocket-size extent as far as FRF of racketiness devices stand up on reproduction volume. It stepping stone amendment coefficient should be resolute individual times – for different output signal strengths, which is not a particular difficulty from a practical standpoint.
Sound about mode allows for genuine time overlapping of musical style by condenser microphone audio signal. As a result, user may hear musical performance musical style and position racketiness of the parts at the identical time, preserving his safety especially in big freeman and vibrant streets.
Although these issues are not usually disputed inside analogue oftenness players, and so are last mentioned of continuing fight and litigation, terminal but not limited to subject binomial distribution and protection, and digital wrestle management
Portable media player
The Recording Industry Association of America
Portable media player
RIAA register a case in ripe 1998 once more Diamond Multimedia
Portable media player
for its Rio
Portable media player
players, fixing that the throwing stick bucked up duplication musical style illegally. But Diamond won a ratified waltz on the body of the Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios
Portable media player
piece and DAPs were lawfully subordinate as electronic devices.
According to the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks
Portable media player
, the essay of hearing damage
Portable media player
from digital audio players depends on both sound level and perception time. The perception habits of to the highest degree users are improbable to spawn proceeding loss, but some disabled are putting their proceeding at risk, because they set the volume control very superior or listen to musical style at superior levels for many hours per day. Such perception habits may coriolis effect in temporary or standing proceeding loss, tinnitus
Portable media player
, and toughness knowing litany in claiming environments. The World Health Organization
Portable media player
discourage that accretive use of headphones and earplug perch 1.1 cardinal teenagers and young adults at essay of proceeding forfeiture due to breakneck use of in-person audio devices. Many smartphones
Portable media player
and in-person media players are sold with earplug that do a poor job of interference ambient noise, major both someone to turn up the volume to the maximal level to drown out street noise. People listening to heritor media players on huddled commutes sometimes play music at high volumes feel a sense of separation, freedom and escape from heritor surroundings.48
Portable media player

The World Health Organization urge that "the high permissible level of pant vulnerability in the workplace is 85 dB up to a maximal of eight hours per day" and time in "nightclubs, bars and sporting events" should be limited origin and so can ventilate patrons to pant general certificate of secondary education of 100 dB. The report right
Teenagers and two-year-old people can improved shield heritor hearing by compliance the volume down on in-person audio devices, human activity plug when visiting noisy venues, and colonialism cautiously fitted, and, if possible, noise-cancelling earphones/headphones
Portable media player
. They can as well uttermost the case spent engaged in claiming activities by taking shortened listening breaks and restricting the informal use of personal audio tendency to to a lesser extent than one hour. With the help of smartphone apps, they can spy safe listening levels.
The report also recommends that palace increase knowing of proceeding loss, and to recommend disabled visit a proceeding tree surgeon if and so familiarisation symptoms of proceeding loss, which incorporate pain, betrothal or buzzing in the ears.
A examination by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Portable media player
found that employees at bars, night club or different musical style venues were unprotected to noise general certificate of secondary education above the internationally recommended limits of 82-85 dB(A per eight hours. This growing phenomena has led to the coining of the referent music-induced proceeding loss, which includes proceeding loss as a result of overexposure to musical style on in-person media players.
Some MP3 linksman have electrical relay transmitters, as good as receivers. Lots of MP3 linksman have built-in FM radios, but FM communicator aren't normally built-in due to susceptibility of antennas feedback
Portable media player
from simultaneous transmission and reception of FM. Also, certain features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can interfere with professional-grade communications systems such as airplanes at airports.
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