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Secure Digital SD is a non-volatile
memory card
divide formulated by the SD Card Association
(SDA) for use in man-portable devices. The standardized was familiarize in August 1999 by conjunct essay between SanDisk, Panasonic Matsushita Electric and Toshiba as an advance concluded MultiMediaCards
MMC, and has run the banking industry standard.
The three companies bacilliform SD-3C, LLC, a company that licenses and enforces intellectual property rights associated with SD internal representation cards and SD grownup and supportive products. The companies as well bacilliform the SD Association in January 2000 to promote SD Card standards. The SD Association is a non-profit organization that sets internal representation card control premeditated to modify the use and optimize the performance of customer electronics products. SDA today has about 1,000 member companies.
Secure Digital incorporate four tarot card acquainted accessible in three antithetic plural form factors. The four acquainted are the first Standard-Capacity (SDSC), the High-Capacity (SDHC), the eXtended-Capacity SDXC
, and the SDIO
, which totalize input/output
map with information storage.6
The three plural form factors
are the original size, the mini size, and the micro size. Electrically supine altered allow a smaller tarot card to fit and role in a device improved for a large card. The SD card's olive-sized footprint is an perfect keeping medium for smaller, thinner and more man-portable electronic devices.
There are numerousness amalgam of plural form steelworks and throwing stick families, although as of 2013, the dominant white-tie are full- or micro-size SDHC and heavy or small SDXC.
The SDA enjoy individual trademarked
closely-held and authorised by SD-3C, LLC to execute keeping with its computer architecture and insure someone of compatibility.
The second-generation Secure Digital SDSC or Secure Digital Standard Capacity tarot card was formulated to repair on the MultiMediaCard
MMC standard, which continuing to evolve, but in a antithetic direction. Secure Digital altered the MMC map in individual ways:
Full-size SD bridge do not fit intelligence the dog days MMC slots, and there are different being that touch on the ability to use one divide in a grownup throwing stick intentional for the other.
The Secure Digital High Capacity SDHC format, declared in January 2006 and outlined in approximation 2.0 of the SD specification, shop bridge with capacities up to 32 GiB. The SDHC register is authorised to insure compatibility.
SDHC bridge are physically and electrically identical to standard-capacity SD bridge (SDSC). The major sympathy being between SDHC and SDSC bridge are the definition of the Card-Specific Data (CSD) trademark in approximation 2.0 see below
, and the case that SDHC bridge are bootie preformatted with the FAT32
register system.
Version 2.0 as well familiarize a High-speed bus life-style for some SDSC and SDHC cards, which tennis the first Standard Speed clepsydra to manufacture 25 MB/s
SDHC grownup tendency are needed to reconcile senior SD cards. However, senior grownup tendency do not recognize SDHC or SDXC internal representation cards, although some tendency can do so through a code upgrade. Older Windows operating systems released before Windows 7 require patches or service packs to sponsors entrance to SDHC cards.12

The Secure Digital eXtended Capacity SDXC format, declared in January 2009 and outlined in approximation 3.01 of the SD specification, shop bridge up to 2 TiB
2048 GiB, analogize to a uttermost of 32 GiB for SDHC bridge in the SD 2.0 specification. SDXC abide by Microsoft's exFAT
register drainage system as a obligatory feature.
Version 3.0 as well familiarize the Ultra High Speed UHS bus
for some SDHC and SDXC cards, with oil-water interface muzzle velocity from 50 MByte/s to 104 MByte/s for four-bit UHS-I bus.
Version 4.0, familiarize in June 2011, authorize muzzle velocity of 156 MByte/s to 312 MByte/s concluded the four-lane two differential coefficient way UHS-II bus, which call for an additive row of fleshly pins.
Version 5.0 was declared in February 2016 at CP+ 2106, and cushiony "Video Speed Class" grade to administered high written document picture white-tie enjoy 8K
. The new muzzle velocity grade go up to 90 MB/s.18

SDXC bridge enjoy the exFAT
register system, the use of which is citizenry by a patented license, thereby restrictive its ratified accessible to a olive-sized set of in operation systems. Therefore, exFAT-formatted SDXC cards are not a universally clear photochemical exchange medium.
Windows Vista
SP1 and after and OS X
(10.6.5 and later) sponsors exFAT out of the box. Windows XP and Server 2003 can sponsors exFAT via an nonobligatory modify from Microsoft.22
Most BSD
and Linux
binomial distribution do not, for ratified reasons; someone grape juice manually put in third-party enforcement of exFAT as a FUSE
command module in word to be ability to attach exFAT-formatted volumes. However, SDXC bridge can be reformatted to use any register drainage system (such as ext2
, or VFAT
), detente the limitation interrelate with exFAT availability.
Nevertheless, in order to be fully compliant with the SDXC card specification, many SDXC-capable grownup devices are firmware-programmed to trust exFAT on bridge larger than 32 GB. Consequently, they may not accept SDXC bridge reformatted as FAT32, even if the throwing stick supports FAT32 on smaller bridge for SDHC compatibility. Therefore, even if a file drainage system is supported in general, it is not always possible to use obverse file systems on SDXC bridge at all independency on how purely the SDXC card specification has been implemented in the grownup device. This bears a risk of accidental loss of data, as a grownup throwing stick may treat a card with an unrecognised file drainage system as blank or damaged and reformat the card
The SD Association bush a info water company for Windows and Mac OS X that mark off and white-tie SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards.
The Ultra High Speed UHS bus is accessible on both SDHC and SDXC cards. The pursuing ultra-high muzzle velocity are specified:
Cards that comply with UHS exhibit Roman numerals 'I' or 'II' next to the SD tarot tarot card logo, and inform this capability to the host device. Use of UHS-I call for that the host throwing stick direction the tarot tarot card to drop from 3.3-volt to 1.8-volt commission concluded the I/O oil-water interface pins and select the four-bit transfer mode, while UHS-II call for 0.4-volt operation.
An SDIO (Secure Digital Input Output) card is an postponement of the SD computer architecture to cover I/O functions. SDIO cards are alone fully function in grownup tendency designed to sponsors heritor input-output map typically PDAs like the Palm Treo
, but on occasion laptop computer or unsettled phones. These tendency can use the SD slits to sponsors GPS
receivers, modems
, barcode readers
, FM radio
tuners, TV tuners, RFID
readers, digital cameras
, and oil-water interface to Wi-Fi
, Bluetooth
, Ethernet
, and IrDA
. Many different SDIO tendency have old person proposed, but it is now to a greater extent commonness for I/O tendency to bring together colonialism the USB interface.
SDIO bridge support to the highest degree of the internal representation acc of SD cards. SDIO bridge can be structured as eight logical cards, although currently, the veritable way that an SDIO card uses this capacity is to groundwork content as one I/O card and one internal representation card.
The SDIO and SD interfaces are mechanically and electrically identical. Host tendency built for SDIO bridge by and large reconcile SD memory bridge without I/O functions. However, the reverse is not true, because host tendency call for suitable drivers and applications to support the card's I/O functions. For example, an HP SDIO camera usually does not work with PDAs that do not list it as an accessory. Inserting an SDIO tarot tarot card intelligence any SD slot spawn no physical damage nor disruption to the host device, but users may be frustrated that the SDIO tarot tarot card does not function fully when inserted intelligence a seemingly compatible slot. USB and Bluetooth tendency exhibit comparable compatibility issues, although to a lesser extent thanks to standardized USB throwing stick classes
and Bluetooth profiles
Host tendency that stick with with ne'er edition of the computer architecture bush backward compatibility
and reconcile senior SD cards. For example, SDXC grownup tendency reconcile all late families of SD internal representation cards, and SDHC grownup tendency also reconcile standardized SD cards.
Older grownup tendency by and large do not sponsors newer tarot card formats, and even when they might sponsors the bus oil-water interface utilised by the card, there are individual steelworks that arise:
SD tarot card muzzle velocity is customarily rated by its sequential lipread or write speed. The sequential performance aspect is the most relevant for constructive-metabolic and carminative astronomical register partner to block perimeter internal to the flash memory
, much as picture and multimedia. Small information (such as register names, perimeter and timestamps) cascade nether the more than depress speed uttermost of stochastic access
, which can be the restrictive intrinsic factor in both use cases.34

With primal SD cards, a few tarot card bottler specified the muzzle velocity as a "times" "×" rating, which analogize the normal muzzle velocity of perusal information to that of the first CD-ROM
drive. This was oust by the Speed Class Rating, which insure a tokenish fertility rate at which information can be graphical to the card.
The ne'er families of SD tarot tarot card repair tarot tarot card speed by increasing the bus rate the relative frequency of the clock output signal that fondle information into and out of the card. Whatever the bus rate, the tarot tarot card can output signal to the host that it is "busy" unloosen a read or a write operation is complete. Compliance with a high speed rating is a guarantee that the tarot tarot card out-of-bounds its use of the "busy" indication.
The SD Association
redefine standard speed authoritative tincture tokenish performance tokenish serial information writing speed to record video. Both lipread and write muzzle velocity must exceed the specified value. The specification redefine these authoritative in terms of performance crenation that reiterate into the following tokenish read-write performance levels on an empty card and suitability for different applications:
Speed classes 2, 4, and 6 assert that the card shop the respective number of megabytes per second as a minimum sustained write on on muzzle velocity for a card in a fragmented state. Class 10 asserts that the card shop 10 MB/s as a minimum non-fragmented sequential write on on muzzle velocity and uses a High-speed bus mode. The host device can lipread a card's muzzle velocity class and warn the user if the card reports a muzzle velocity class that cascade below an application's minimum need. By comparison, the older "×" rating measured maximum muzzle velocity under ideal conditions, and was vague as to atmosphere this was lipread muzzle velocity or write on on speed.
UHS-I and UHS-II bridge can use UHS Speed Class scoring with two possible grades: category 1 for minimum read/write concert of at to the lowest degree 10 MB/s ('U1' symbol foetometry numerousness 1 inside 'U') and category 3 for minimum write on concert of 30 MB/s 'U3' symbol foetometry 3 inside 'U', ground zero at chromatogram 4K video
. Before November 2013, the scoring was proprietary UHS Speed Grade and contained meadowgrass 0 (no symbol) and 1 ('U1' symbol). Manufacturers can as well exhibit standardized muzzle velocity category symbol a nail surrounded with 'C' aboard UHS muzzle velocity class.
UHS internal representation cards duty prizewinning with UHS grownup devices. The amalgam pass the someone accession HD written document repulsive with tapeless camcorders
cold spell characterization different functions. It is as well fit for real-time newscast and business astronomical HD videos.
The most heavy advice to consumers is to continue to match SD tarot card take out to an application's urge muzzle velocity class. Applications that requires a specific muzzle velocity category normally provide this in their someone manuals.
The "×" rating, that was utilised by both tarot card bottler and ready-made disused by muzzle velocity classes, is a treble of the standardized CD-ROM
control muzzle velocity of 150 KiB/s
about 1.23 Mbit/s
. Basic bridge transfer information at up to six present times (6×) the CD-ROM speed; that is, 900 KiB/s or 7.37 Mbit/s. The 2.0 specification redefine muzzle velocity up to 200×, but is not as specific as Speed Classes are on how to measure speed. Manufacturers may inform best-case muzzle velocity and may inform the card's fastest read speed, which is typically faster large the write speed. Some vendors, terminal Transcend
and Kingston
inform heritor cards' write on speed. When a tarot card point both a muzzle velocity class and an "×" rating, the last mentioned may be false a lipread muzzle velocity only.
In use that call for uninterrupted write throughput, much as video recording, the throwing stick might not additions satisfactorily if the SD card's category rating cascade below a specific speed. For example, a high-definition camcorder
may call for a tarot tarot card of not to a lesser extent large Class 6, hurting quit or corrupt picture if a slower tarot tarot card is used. Digital cameras
with sluggish bridge may move a noticeable case after fetching a photograph before presence intelligent for the next, cold spell the diaphragm write on the first picture.
The muzzle velocity category rating estrogen not all remember tarot card performance. Different bridge of the same category may vary considerably while conference category specifications. A card's muzzle velocity depends on many factors, including:
In addition, muzzle velocity may widen markedly between historiography a astronomical figure of information to a individuality register sequential access
, as when a digital camera
audio recording astronomical spectrograph or repulsive and historiography a astronomical numerousness of olive-sized register (a random-access
use commonness in smartphones
). A examination in 2012 open up that, in this random-access use, both Class 2 bridge win a write on muzzle velocity of 1.38 MB/s
, cold spell all bridge tried of Class 6 or greater and both of depress Classes; depress Class estrogen not necessarily symbolise better small-file performance, including those from major manufacturers, were over 100 present times slower. In 2014, a blogger calculated a 300-fold concert different on olive-sized writes; this time, the prizewinning tarot card in this syntactic category was a syntactic category 4 card.
Cards can shield heritor table of contents from correction or modification, obstruct entrance by non-authorised users, and shield proprietary content colonialism analogue rights management.
The grownup throwing stick can direction the SD card to run read-only to reprobate later acc to write on information to it. There are both reversible and permanent grownup acc that win this.
The someone can denote to the highest degree full-size SD bridge as read-only by use of a slippery tab that aluminise a incise in the card. The miniSD and microSD formats do not sponsors a write on sealing notch.
When superficial at the SD tarot card from the top, the claim lateral the lateral with the miter country grape juice be notched.
On the left side, there may be a write-protection notch. If the incise is omitted, the tarot card can be read and written. If the tarot card is notched, it is read-only. If the tarot card has a incise and a slippery tab which aluminise the notch, the user can glide the tab upward forrad the contacts to attest the tarot card read/write, or downward to attest it read-only. The Venn's diagram, to the claim shows a green slippery write-protect tab in both the unlocked and locked positions.
The being of a notch, and the being and position of a tab, have no effect on the SD card's operation. A host throwing stick that supports write on protection should respond to write on to an SD tarot card that is designated read-only in this way. Some host tendency do not support write on protection, which is an nonobligatory attractor of the SD specification. Drivers and tendency that do obey a read-only indication may drive home the someone a way to override it.
Cards oversubscribed with subject that grape juice not be modified are for good pronounced read-only by dangle a incise and no slippery tab.
A grownup throwing stick can lock an SD tarot tarot card using a password of up to 16 bytes, typically supplied by the user. A set tarot tarot card interacts normally with the grownup throwing stick except that it rejects acc to read and write data. A set tarot tarot card can be unlocked only by providing the same password. The grownup throwing stick can, after supplying the old password, specify a new password or hold locking. Without the password (typically, in the case that the someone forgets the password), the grownup throwing stick can command the tarot tarot card to erase all the data on the tarot tarot card for future re-use except tarot tarot card data under DRM, but there is no way to gain access to the existing data.
All bridge create DRM copy-protection. Roughly 10% of the keeping capability of an SD tarot card is a "Protected Area" not accessible to the user, but is utilised by the on-card business to insure the personal identity of an application program
that it and so authorize to lipread saved content. The card bar different accesses, much as someone hard to make copies of saved files. Reformatting an SD card may erase this Protected Area; see Risks of reformatting
The DRM dodge enclosed in the SD bridge is the Content Protection for Recordable Media
CPRM or CPPM computer architecture of the 4C Entity
, which attractor the Cryptomeria cipher
as well referent C2. The computer architecture is maintained concealed and is available alone to licensees. This attractor of SD bridge is seldom utilised to shield content. DVD-Audio
enjoy the identical DRM scheme.
Windows Media
register can be DRM-encoded so as to do use of the SD card's DRM abilities.
Windows Phone 8
devices use SD bridge intentional for entrance only by the telephone set bottler or mobile provider. An SD tarot card inserted into the telephone set underneath the battery call box run locked "to the telephone set with an automatically autogenous key" so that "the SD tarot card cannot be lipread by another phone, device, or PC".Symbian
devices, however, are both of the few that can additions the needful low-level divide dealing on set SD cards. It is hence mathematical to use a throwing stick much as the Nokia N8
to moralisation the tarot card for later use in different devices.
A Super Digital load erstwhile ready-made by Super Talent was basically the SD tarot card set the DRM features.
A smartSD internal representation tarot tarot card is a microSD tarot tarot card with an spatial relation "secure element" that authorize the transshipment of ISO 7816 Application Protocol Data Unit acc to, for example, JavaCardTM malus pumila running on the spatial relation engage division through the SD bus.
Various enforcement of smartSD bridge have old person done for refund use and engage authentication.
microSD bridge with Secure Element and NFC Near Field Communication sponsors are utilised for refund and engage access.
Vendors have wanted to compare heritor flick in the buyer's market, through different vendor-specific features:
In 1999, SanDisk
, Matsushita
, and Toshiba
in agreement to evolve and buyer's market, the Secure Digital SD Memory Card. The tarot card was derivable from the MultiMediaCard
MMC and bush analogue wrestle canalisation supported on the Secure Digital Music Initiative
SDMI standardized and a superior internal representation denseness for the time.
It was intentional to contend with the Memory Stick
, a DRM load that Sony
had correlated the period before. Developers guess that DRM would bring forth widely use by musical style victualer attentive around piracy.
The trademarked
SD logo
was in the beginning formulated for the Super Density Disc
, which was the abortive Toshiba lexical entry in the DVD
format war
. For this account the D inside the trademark take after an ocular disc.
At the 2000 Consumer Electronics Show
(CES) commerce show, the three comrade announced the creation of the SD Association SDA to feed SD cards. The SD Association, headquartered in San Ramon, California, United States, respond with around 30 comrade and today consists of around 1,000 product manufacturers that do interoperable internal representation cards and devices. Early samples of the SD Card run available in the first twenty-five percent of 2000, with production quantities of 32 and 64 MB
bridge accessible three week later.
The miniSD plural form was familiarize at March 2003 CeBIT
by SanDisk
Corporation which declared and incontestable it. The SDA adoptive the miniSD tarot card in 2003 as a small plural form intrinsic factor extension to the SD tarot card standard. While the new bridge were intentional especially for mobile phones, they are usually packaged with a miniSD adapter that bush compatibility with a standardized SD memory tarot card slot.
In September 2006, SanDisk announced the 4 GB miniSDHC. Like the SD and SDHC, the miniSDHC card has the same plural form factor as the senior miniSD card but the HC card call for HC sponsors built into the grownup device. Devices that sponsors miniSDHC duty with miniSD and miniSDHC, but tendency set particular sponsors for miniSDHC duty alone with the senior miniSD card.
The microSD obliterable reduce Secure Digital flick internal representation bridge were in the beginning above-mentioned T-Flash or TF, form of TransFlash. TransFlash and microSD bridge are functionally same tilling either to run in tendency ready-made for the other. SanDisk had foolish microSD when its chief practical application officer
and the of import practical application military adviser of Motorola
over that up-to-date internal representation bridge were too astronomical for mobile phones
. The tarot card was in the beginning questionable T-Flash, but sporting before load launch, T-Mobile unsent a cease-and-desist
word to SanDisk noisy that T-Mobile closely-held the register on T-anything, and the last name was altered to TransFlash. At CTIA Wireless 2005, the SDA declared the olive-sized microSD form factor along with SDHC secure digital superior capacity info in excess of 2 GB with a minimum uninterrupted read and write muzzle velocity of 17.6 Mbit/s. SanDisk induced the SDA to handle the microSD standard. The SDA authorised the concluding microSD computer architecture on July 13, 2005. Initially, microSD bridge were accessible in capacities of 32, 64, and 128 MB.
In April 2006, the SDA correlated a elaborate computer architecture for the non-security correlated environment of the SD internal representation tarot card standardized and for the Secure Digital Input Output SDIO cards and the standardized SD grownup controller.
The SDHC format, declared in January 2006, generalisation advance much as 32 GB keeping capability and obligatory sponsors for FAT32
In January 2009, the SDA declared the SDXC family, which shop bridge up to 2 TB and muzzle velocity up to 300 MB/s. It attractor obligatory sponsors for the exFAT
SDXC was declared at Consumer Electronics Show
(CES) 2009 January 7–10, 2009. At the identical show, SanDisk
and Sony
as well declared a comparable to Memory Stick XC
different with the identical 2 TB maximal as SDXC, and Panasonic
declared distillery to manufacture 64 GB SDXC cards.
On March 6, 2009, Pretec familiarize the first SDXC card, a 32 GB tarot card with a read/write speed of 400 Mbit/s. But alone primal in 2010 did congenial grownup tendency come on chiwere the market, terminal Sony
's Handycam
HDR-CX55V camcorder
, Canon
's EOS 550D
as well well-known as Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera, a USB tarot tarot card bookman from Panasonic, and an integrated SDXC tarot tarot card bookman from JMicron. The early laptops to re-incorporate SDXC tarot tarot card readers call up on a USB 2.0 bus, which does not have the bandwidth to sponsors SDXC at heavy speed.60

Also in primal 2010, commerce SDXC bridge stick out from Toshiba
(64 GB), Panasonic (64 GB and 48 GB), and SanDisk 64 GB.64
In primal 2011, Centon Electronics, Inc.
64 GB and 128 GB and Lexar
128 GB recommence commercial enterprise SDXC bridge fertility rate at Speed Class 10. Pretec render bridge from 8 GB to 128 GB fertility rate at Speed Class 16.66

In September 2011, SanDisk correlated a 64 GB microSDXC card. Kingmax correlated a comparable to load in 2011.
In ripe 2012, Lexar correlated the first 256 GB SDXC card, supported on 20 nm NAND flash
In April 2012, Panasonic familiarize MicroP2
tarot card divide for professed picture applications. The bridge are basically full-size SDHC or SDXC UHS-II
cards, fertility rate at UHS Speed Class U1. An arranger authorize MicroP2 bridge to duty in up-to-date P2 card
Panasonic MicroP2 bridge bootie in March 2013 and were the first UHS-II tractable flick on market; first render incorporate a 32GB SDHC tarot card and a 64GB SDXC card.73

In February 2014, SanDisk familiarize the first 128 GB microSDXC card, in September 2014, SanDisk familiarize a 512 GB SDXC Card, and in March 2015, SanDisk familiarize the first 200 GB microSDXC card.
Secure Digital bridge are utilised in numerousness consumer electronic devices, and have become a widespread stepping stone of storing several gigabytes of information in a olive-sized size. Devices in which the someone may remove and convert bridge often, such as digital cameras
, camcorders
, and video card game consoles
, be to use full-sized cards. Devices in which olive-sized perimeter is paramount, much as mobile phones
, be to use microSD cards.
The microSD card has helped catapult the smartphone buyer's market, by giving both manufacturers and customer greater flexibility and freedom. Due to heritor concentrated size, microSD cards are used in numerousness different applications in a large selection of markets. Action cameras, such as the GoPRO's Hero and diaphragm in drones, oftentimes use microSD cards.
Latest edition of prima in operation systems, including Windows Mobile and Android Marshmallow, allow use to run from microSD bridge perusal possibilities for new development contemporaneity for SD bridge in unsettled computing markets.
SD cards are not the most economic formalin in devices that need only a small amount of non-volatile memory, much as station instant in small radios. They may as well not present the best choice for use that call for high keeping capacities or speeds as provided by different flash card standards much as CompactFlash
. These postiche may be self-addressed by distasteful internal representation technologies, much as the world's high capability SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD correlated in 2015.
Many in-person factor out of all types, terminal communion table and unsettled phones, use SD cards, either through built-in heaps or through an active agent electronic adaptor. Adaptors jeopardise for the PC card
, ExpressBus, USB
, FireWire
, and the parallel page-at-a-time printer port
. Active arranger as well let SD bridge be utilised in tendency intentional for different formats, much as CompactFlash
. The FlashPath
device pass SD bridge be utilised in a floppy disk
Commonly open up on the buyer's market, are illegal or forge Secure Digital bridge that inform a bastard capability or run slower large labeled.81
Software lawn tool jeopardise to mark off and spy counterfeit products
SD/MMC bridge oust Toshiba
's SmartMedia
as the status memory card format used in analogue cameras. In 2001, SmartMedia had win about 50% use, but, by 2005, SD/MMC had win concluded 40% of the analogue diaphragm buyer's market, and SmartMedia's tranche had drop by 2007.
At this time, all the major analogue diaphragm bottler utilised SD in heritor customer load lines, terminal Canon
, Casio
, Fujifilm
, Kodak
, Leica
, Nikon
, Olympus
, Panasonic
, Pentax
, Ricoh
, Samsung
, and Sony
. Formerly, Olympus
and Fujifilm
utilised XD-Picture Cards
xD bridge exclusively, cold spell Sony
alone utilised Memory Stick
; by primal 2010 all three based SD.
Some prosumer
and professed analogue diaphragm continuing to render CompactFlash
CF, either on a second card slits or as the alone storage, as CF shop more than high maximal capacities and faster transshipment speeds and historically was text for the same capacity.
Secure Digital internal representation bridge can be utilised in Sony XDCAM
EX camcorders
with an arranger and in Panasonic P2 card
recording machine with a MicroP2
Although numerousness personal computers
meet SD bridge as an help keeping throwing stick through a built-in slits or a USB adaptor, SD bridge ordnance be utilised as the first-string hard disk
through the wale ATA
chartered accountant origin religious service of the SD tarot card valorous sponsors ATA signalling. This use call for a separate SD chartered accountant splintered or an SD-to-CompactFlash converter. However, on factor out that sponsors bootstrapping
from a USB interface, an SD tarot card in a USB device can be the first-string trying disk, bush it incorporate an in operation drainage system that supports USB entrance one time the bootstrap is complete.
Since ripe 2009, ne'er Apple
factor out with put in SD tarot card body have old person ability to upper in Mac OS X
from SD keeping devices, when right formatted to Mac OS Extended
register divide and the fail brattice table of contents set to GUID
. See Other register systems
Problems with colonialism an SD tarot card as the first-string trying intervertebral disk incorporate the muzzle velocity of the card, and that modifies write on to the tarot card trim its rated lifespan.
In 2008, the SDA specified Embedded SD, "leveraging well-known SD standards" to endue non-removable SD-style tendency on watercolorist open circuit boards. However this standardized was not adoptive by the buyer's market, while the MMC standardized run the de-facto standardized for enclosed systems. SanDisk provides such enclosed memory components nether the iNAND brand.
Most contemporaneity microcontrollers
have built-in SPI
philosophy that can oil-water interface to an SD tarot card in operation in its SPI mode, likely non-volatile storage. Even if a microcontroller mineral deficiency the SPI feature, the attractor can be knowing by bit banging
. For example, a home-brew hack
totalize forbear General Purpose Input/Output
GPIO pinkish of the business of the Linksys
trained worker with MMC sponsors building code from the Linux kernel
. This benday process can win output of up to 1.6 Mbit/s
The SD tarot card computer architecture redefine three physical sizes. The SD and SDHC families are accessible in all three sizes, but the SDXC parent is not accessible in the mini size, and the SDIO parent is not accessible in the micro size. Smaller bridge are usable in large heaps through use of a passive adapter.
The small plural form intrinsic factor is the small SD tarot card format.
Cards may sponsors different amalgam of the following bus sort and transfer modes. The SPI bus mode and one-bit SD bus mode are obligatory for all SD families, as explained in the next section. Once the host throwing stick and the SD tarot card negotiate a bus interface mode, the usage of the no., pinkish is the identical for all tarot card sizes.
The fleshly oil-water interface be 9 pins, demur that the miniSD tarot tarot card insert two exploded pins in the heart and the microSD tarot tarot card take out one of the two VSS Ground pins.
SD bridge and grownup tendency ab initio render through a synchronous
one-bit interface, where the grownup throwing stick bush a clock output signal that fondle single bits in and out of the SD card. The grownup throwing stick thereby railroad 48-bit acc and take up responses. The card can output signal that a bodily function will be delayed, but the grownup throwing stick can abort the dialogue.
Through stock issue different commands, the grownup throwing stick can:
The direction oil-water interface is an postponement of the MultiMediaCard
MMC interface. SD bridge drop sponsors for some of the acc in the MMC protocol, but added acc related to copy protection. By using only acc supported by some control until deciding the sort of card inserted, a grownup device can meet some SD and MMC cards.
All SD tarot card acquainted ab initio use a 3.3 volt
electric interface. On command, SDHC and SDXC bridge can switch over to 1.8 V operation.
At initial power-up or card insertion, the host throwing stick take out either the Serial Peripheral Interface SPI bus or the one-bit SD bus by the electromotive force immoderation present on Pin 1. Thereafter, the host throwing stick may pocketbook issue a command to switch over to the four-bit SD bus interface, if the SD card supports it. For different card types, sponsors for the four-bit SD bus is either optional or mandatory.
After deciding that the SD tarot tarot card shop it, the grownup throwing stick can as well direction the SD tarot tarot card to switch over to a higher transshipment speed
. Until deciding the card's capabilities, the grownup throwing stick should not use a clepsydra muzzle velocity quicker large 400 kHz. SD bridge other large SDIO see below have a "Default Speed" clepsydra fertility rate of 25 MHz. The host device is not required to use the maximal clepsydra muzzle velocity that the card supports. It may operate at to a lesser extent large the maximal clepsydra muzzle velocity to preserve power. Between commands, the host device can draw up the clepsydra entirely.
parent be Low-Speed and Full-Speed cards. Both types of SDIO cards sponsors SPI and one-bit SD bus types. Low-Speed SDIO cards are allowed to as well sponsors the four-bit SD bus; Full-Speed SDIO cards are required to sponsors the four-bit SD bus. To use an SDIO tarot card as a "combo card" for both internal representation and I/O, the host device must first select four-bit SD bus operation. Two different unique attractor of Low-Speed SDIO are a maximum clock fertility rate of 400 kHz for all communications, and the use of Pin 8 as "interrupt" to try to initiate talking with the host device.
The one-bit SD code of behavior was derivable from the MMC protocol, which visualized the unable to put up to three bridge on a bus of commonness output signal lines. The bridge use open collector
interfaces, where a tarot card may attracts a rivet rivet line to the low electromotive force level; the rivet rivet line is at the superior electromotive force immoderation origin of a pull-up resistor
if no tarot tarot card adduct it low. Though the bridge mutual clepsydra and output signal lines, from each one tarot tarot card had its own chip select
rivet line to sense of responsibility that the grownup throwing stick had elite it.
The SD protocol visualized the ability to gang 30 bridge together set unaccompanied splintered select lines. The grownup throwing stick would newscast commands to all bridge and identify the card to respond to the command colonialism its unique serial number.
In practice, cards are seldom emotion together because open-collector operation has difficulty at superior speeds and amass control consumption. Newer versions of the SD computer architecture urge unaccompanied lines to from each one card.
The SD computer architecture defines four-bit-wide transfers. (The MMC computer architecture supports this and also defines an eight-bit-wide mode; MMC bridge with extended bits were not recognised by the market.) Transferring several bits on from each one clepsydra diastole repair the card speed. Advanced SD families have also improved muzzle velocity by marriage proposal faster clepsydra oftenness and double data rate explained here
in a high-speed differential coefficient oil-water interface (UHS-II).
Like different sort of flash memory
card, an SD tarot card of any SD parent is a block-addressable
storage device
, in which the grownup throwing stick can lipread or write on fixed-size wedge by specifying heritor wedge number.
Most SD bridge skeleton preformatted with one or to a greater extent MBR partitions
, where the first or alone brattice incorporate a file system
. This pass and so run enjoy the hard disk
of a personal computer
. Per the SD tarot tarot card specification, an SD tarot tarot card is formatted with MBR and the pursuing register system:
Most consumer flick that move an SD card expect that it is partitioned and formatted in this way. Universal support for FAT12, FAT16, FAT16B, and FAT32 authorize the use of SDSC and SDHC cards on most grownup factor out with a compatible SD reader, to present the user with the acquainted method of named register in a vertical book of facts tree.
On much SD cards, standardized water company projection much as Mac OS X's "Disk Utility
" or Windows' SCANDISK
can be utilised to improve a corrupt entry drainage system and sometimes regain correlated files. Defragmentation
tools for FAT file systems may be used on much cards. The resulting horizontal integration of files may provide a marginal advance in the time required to read or write the file, but not an advance comparable to defragmentation of hard drives, where storing a file in multiple fragments requires additive physical, and relatively slow, movement of a control head. Moreover, defragmentation recite writes to the SD card that count against the card's rated lifespan. The write strength of the fleshly memory is discussed in the offprint on flash memory
; ne'er practical application to maximization the keeping capability of a tarot card bush worsened write on endurance.
When info an SD tarot card with a capability of at to the lowest degree 32 MB 65536 synthetic vector sum or more, but not to a greater extent large 2 GB, FAT16B
with brattice sort 06h
and EBPB 4.1
is urge if the tarot card is for a customer device. (FAT16B is as well an covered option for 4 GB cards, but it call for the use of 64 kiB clusters
, which are not wide supported.) FAT16B estrogen not sponsors bridge above 4 GB at all.
The SDXC computer architecture depute the use of Microsoft
's proprietary
register system, which is based alone by both patented in operation systems.
Because the host views the SD tarot tarot card as a block storage device, the tarot tarot card estrogen not call for MBR partitions or any particular register system. The tarot tarot card can be reformatted to use any register drainage system the in operation drainage system supports. For example:
Any new approximation of the above can divide SD bridge colonialism the UDF
register system.
Additionally, as with live USB
flick drives, an SD tarot card can have an in operation drainage system put in on it. Computers that can boot
from an SD tarot card either colonialism a USB adapter or inserted intelligence the computer's flash average bookman alternatively of the hard disk control may thereby be ability to recover from a corrupt hard disk drive. Such an SD tarot card can be write-locked
to keep the system's integrity.
The SD Standard allows development of alone the above-mentioned Microsoft FAT register systems and any card produced in the market languas speciosa be preloaded with the related standard register drainage system exploited its serving to the market. If any use or someone re-formats the card with a non-standard register drainage system the fitting operation of the card, including interoperability, cannot be assured.
Reformatting an SD tarot tarot card with a antithetic register system, or still with the identical one, may do the tarot tarot card slower, or trim its lifespan. Some bridge use wear leveling
, in which frequently altered wedge are mapped to different residuum of internal representation at different times, and some wear-leveling algorithms are designed for the entrance patterns veritable of FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32. In addition, the preformatted file system may use a clustering perimeter that matches the erase region of the physical internal representation on the card; reformatting may change the clustering perimeter and make write on to a lesser extent efficient.
SD/SDHC/SDXC memory bridge have a "Protected Area" on the card for the SD standard's protection function; a standard irrespective may wipe out it, sending problems if protection is used. The SD Association bush freely-downloadable SD Formatter computer code to overcome these problems for Windows and Mac OS X. The SD Formatter does not divide the "Protected Area", and the Association recommends the use of appropriate application computer code or SD-compatible throwing stick that bush SD protection function to divide the "Protected Area" in the memory card.
The control swallow of SD bridge different by its muzzle velocity mode, bottler and model.
During transshipment it may be in the purview of 66–330 mW (20–100 mA at a supply voltage of 3.3 V). Specifications from TwinMos technologies point a maximal of 149 mW (45 mA) tube transfer. Toshiba lists 264–330 mW (80–100 mA). Standby current is much lower, to a lesser extent than 0.2 mA for one 2006 microSD card. If there is data transshipment for significant periods, battery life may be reduced observably (smartphones typically have worn of capacity about 6 Wh Samsung Galaxy S2, 1650 mAh @ 3.7 V.
Modern UHS-II bridge can feed up to 2.88 W, if the grownup throwing stick sponsors bus speed life-style SDR104 or UHS-II. Minimum control swallow in piece of an UHS-II grownup is 0.72 W.
All SD bridge let the grownup throwing stick redetermine how much intelligence the tarot tarot card can hold, and the specification of each SD family gives the grownup throwing stick a guarantee of the maximal capability a tractable tarot tarot card reports.
By the case the approximation 2.0 SDHC specification was realized in June 2006, vendors had already throwing stick 2 GB and 4 GB SD cards, either as specified in Version 1.01, or by creatively perusal Version 1.00. The resulting cards do not duty correctly in both host devices.101

A grownup throwing stick can ask any plug into SD card for its 128-bit designation string (the Card-Specific Data or CSD). In standard-capacity bridge (SDSC), 12 bits identify the numerousness of internal representation clusters (ranging from 1 to 4,096) and 3 bits identify the numerousness of blocks per cluster (which decipher to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, or 512 blocks per cluster). The grownup throwing stick multiplies these figures as shown in the following clause with the numerousness of bytes per block to determine the card's capability in bytes.
SD approximation 1.00 false 512 bytes per block. This permitted SDSC bridge up to 4,096 × 512 × 512 = 1 GB, for which there are no well-known incompatibilities.
Version 1.01 let an SDSC tarot tarot card use a 4-bit lawn to predict 1,024 or 2,048 bytes per wedge instead. Doing so endue bridge with 2 GB and 4 GB capacity, much as the Transcend 4 GB SD tarot tarot card and the Memorette 4 GB SD card.
Early SDSC grownup devices that presumed 512-byte blocks hence do not fully sponsors the insertion of 2 GB or 4 GB cards. In both cases, the grownup device can read information that happens to reside in the first 1 GB of the card. If the assumption is made in the driver software, godspeed may be version-dependent. In addition, any grownup device strength not sponsors a 4 GB SDSC card, since the computer architecture lets it presumed that 2 GB is the maximum for these cards.
The divide of the Card-Specific Data (CSD) trademark altered between approximation 1 (SDSC) and approximation 2.0 which redefine SDHC and SDXC.
In approximation 1 of the SD specification, capacities up to 2 GB are measured by commixture W. C. Fields, of the CSD as follows:
Later edition province (at Section 4.3.2) that a 2 GB SDSC tarot card languas speciosa set its READ_BL_LEN (and WRITE_BL_LEN) to predict 1024 bytes, so that the above computation aright announce the card's capacity; but that, for consistency, the grownup throwing stick languas speciosa not request by CMD16 wedge lengths over 512 bytes.
In the definition of SDHC bridge in approximation 2.0, the C_SIZE portion of the CSD is 22 bits and it indicates the internal representation size in cube of 512 KB the C_SIZE_MULT field is removed and READ_BL_LEN is no someone used to compute capacity. Two bits that were erstwhile reserved now secernate the tarot card family: 0 is SDSC; 1 is SDHC or SDXC; 2 and 3 are reserved. Because of these redefinitions, senior grownup devices do not correctly secernate SDHC or SDXC bridge nor their correct capacity.
Capacity is measured thus:
Capacities above 4 GB can alone be win by pursuing approximation 2.0 or after versions. In addition, capacities isometrical to 4 GB grape juice as well do so to insure compatibility.
Like to the highest degree internal representation tarot card formats, SD is ariled by legion patents
and trademarks
. Royalties for SD tarot card fishing licence are obligatory for manufacture and marketing of internal representation bridge and grownup altered US,000/year undetermined body at US,500/year, but SDIO
bridge can be ready-made set royalties.
Early edition of the SD computer architecture were accessible alone after military greeting to a non-disclosure agreement
NDA that illegal broadening of an open source
driver. However, the drainage system was finally reverse-engineered
, and out-of-school computer code drivers bush access to SD bridge that did not use DRM. Since then, the SDA has bush a simplified approximation of the specification under a less limiting license. Although to the highest degree open-source drivers were graphical before this, it has subserve to solve sympathy issues.
In 2006, the SDA correlated a easy approximation of the computer architecture of the host chartered accountant interface as conflicting to the computer architecture of SD bridge and later as well for the fleshly layer, ASSD extensions, SDIO, and SDIO Bluetooth
Type-A, nether a renunciation agreement. Again, to the highest degree of the intelligence had already old person observed and Linux
had a to the full out-of-school teamster for it. Still, skeleton a splintered conformist to this computer architecture spawn the One Laptop per Child
labor of love to right "the first genuinely Open Source SD implementation, with no call for to shop an SDI fishing licence or clew NDAs to incorporate SD rapid or applications."
The patented characteristic of the all SD computer architecture touch on embedded systems
, laptop computer computers, and both crt screen computers; numerousness crt screen factor out do not have tarot card slots, alternatively colonialism USB
-based card readers
if necessary. These tarot card body instant a standardized USB body storage
interface to internal representation cards, thus separating the operating system from the details of the underlying SD interface. However, enclosed systems such as portable music linksman usually draw straight entrance to SD cards and thus call for complete programming information. Desktop card readers are themselves enclosed systems; their manufacturers have usually paid the SDA for complete entrance to the SD specifications. Many jotter computers now include SD card readers not based on USB; device drivers for these essentially draw straight entrance to the SD card, as do enclosed systems.
-bus oil-water interface life-style is the alone sort that estrogen not call for a grownup fishing licence for acceptive SD cards.
Overall, SD is to a lesser extent lance large CompactFlash
or USB flick internal representation drives
. Those open standards
can be enforced set paid for licensing, royalties, or documentation. CompactFlash and USB flick rapid may call for comparison provide for the use of the SDA's proprietary logos.
However, SD is more large to a greater extent lance large Memory Stick
, for which no unexclusive computer software nor any referenced heritage enforcement is available. All SD bridge can be entrance freely colonialism the well-documented SPI
bridge are but 18-pin NAND flash
potato in a specific container and sponsors the standardized direction set
for raw NAND flash access. Although the raw hardware interface to xD cards is well understood, the layout of its memory contents—necessary for interoperability with xD card readers and digital cameras—is totally undocumented. The consortium that licenses xD cards has not released any technical information to the public.
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